THarrison Ford's Secret Role in Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Published on Apr 06, 2018

Han Solo is the most iconic character in the entire Star Wars saga. And by proxy, Harrison Ford has become one of the most illustrious actors in all of Hollywood. But by no means did he enjoy or become all that attached to the roles that made him a household name. So does this mean he has very little involvement with the upcoming anthology movie Solo: A Star Wars Story? Or does Harrison have some kind of covert role we're all unaware of? Well, let's find out!

How George Lucas Helped Direct Solo: A Star Wars Story -

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  • TheCancrizans - 2 weeks ago

    So, who would you have cast as young Han Solo? Let me know by responding to this comment!

  • MVS studios - 7 hours ago

    this movie shouldnt even be happening

  • nickhunter500 - 9 hours ago

    Chris Bret probably would be good

  • tyro244 - 10 hours ago


  • JUNGO - 18 hours ago

    how many idiotic assholes going to make star wars world like fuckin' stupid commodity? amazing how people have fetish into this world......I don't disrespect it but it is getting so ridiculous that it's like a malignant cancer that will never go away....especially these idiotic English people....why George have English idiotic artist in a USA sci-fi is beyond me....they aren't that great of an actors anyways..............

  • -GunBuster- - 20 hours ago

    Too bad we can't have someone look like original young Han using CGI just like what they did in Rogue one with leia/Carrie Fisher, though it would kind of make sense to make Han look like that if he is way younger than the beloved smuggler in the originals

  • Ryan Raven - 24 hours ago

    What was it like playing Bala-Tik?

  • Maryann Newcomb - 24 hours ago

    No one, this movie never should have been made!! Harrison did not help on this farce!!

  • Trump Fan Network - 1 day ago

    Come on, this is Star Wars... Couldn’t they just have made Harrison Ford look younger?

  • Michael Ferraro - 1 day ago

    Kathleen Kennedy should be hung

  • 00176304 - 1 day ago

    Kathleen Kennedy can go suck a camels dick

  • Pawl Jaxun - 1 day ago

    hands down, Jamie Costa take a look at him in Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade, he looks, sounds and even acts like a young Harrison Ford. Mind boggling that he was not cast for the movie. Judging by the trailers, the actor they did cast seems like a really anemic version of Solo, who looks nothing like a younger version , I'm going wait for it to become available online to watch it, and I have seen every SW movie in the theater since the first in '77

  • proxyblue - 1 day ago

    Why did the "spoiler alert" come after the spoiler?? That defeated the purpose of the "spoiler alert". Are you stupid? or what?

  • Elbert Lee - 1 day ago

    I think Ford, at most, was casual and brief with him paying any kind of attention to this film. I think you over romanticized his collaboration with George Lucas, who he always complained was simply not an actor’s Director and expected actors to create their characters without his assistance whatsoever. Ford also continues to show disdain for his role in Star Wars to this day. I think he said a few words to Ron Howard because if their friendship as well as a courtesy greet to the cast. Any stories regarding the actual engagement with the cast and director is going to be heavily romanticized. I really don’t believe a Ford was interested in shepherding the film in any way

  • adamthekid407 adam - 1 day ago

    Forgot Obi-Wan at the start, Yoda as well.

  • MC Höde - 2 days ago

    What the fuck accent is that. That accents sucks dick.

  • Sam Froese - 2 days ago

    Lmaooooo your accent turns on my subtitles

  • Pynaegan - 2 days ago

    Well, nothing here to convince me to suspend my boycott of Star Wars. I hope this movie bombs.

  • Voyeur de objet d'art - 2 days ago

    “People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians”-George Lucas Speech to congress March 3, 1988. KK is a Barbarian.

  • Patrick Papple - 2 days ago

    Harison is not in it I looked at the cast for on imdb.

  • Wendt Bakkenteim - 2 days ago

    The ratings for this will be SOLOW

  • Phillip Dabato - 3 days ago

    Garbage Movie garbage Disney

  • DJ Ritty - 3 days ago

    Alden is the only thing I'm not sold on - he looks older than harrison did in Ep 4 lol I'm sure this movie will be great though.

  • I AM # 4 - 3 days ago

    I wouldnt put it past Ford to do a cameo for a fat paycheck and a couple days work

  • lansirlot - 3 days ago

    Because I'm old, I recall Harrison showing up in the Young Indy series. (Look it up). I see no reason why he couldn't show up in the film in a similar manner - either an old Solo reminiscing about his youth or, if you wanna go the the character swap/Stan Lee route, a random smuggler who drops a piece of advice in a quick cameo. That alone would give the film a legitimacy that I already suspect is lacking.

  • chaucer44 - 3 days ago

    Billy Dee Williams and Harrison have both been spotted together recently during re-shoots. Likely filming bookend scenes for the movie.

  • SienaJackson - 3 days ago

    I’m for the time machine idea!! Only ONE Han Solo.

  • John Delamere - 4 days ago

    Anthony Ingruber! If anyone thinks he would have not been the ONLY and logical choice, they haven't seen him in Age of Adeline. Kathleen Kennedy needs to go away. This movie should not have been made. They should have done Kenobi with Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson (Force ghost) training him.

  • JAMEZ GAMEZTM - 4 days ago

    a s e i d e

  • Kalli Hutton - 4 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston definitely be in my eyes whould be the best out her than harrison