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Published on May 27, 2017

Top 10 CRAZIEST Sports Brawls Ever // Subscribe: - SPORTS FANS! Check out WatchMojo’s new series, THE LINEUP! The biggest fights ever in sports range from baseball, to hockey, to basketball to soccer, and more. Whether it was prompted by a vicious sports rivalry like the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees brawl of 2003, or it was an all-stakes game like the 1984 Copa del Rey featuring Athletic Bilbao vs. FC Barcelona, or it was a fan-instigated fight like the Boston Bruins-New York Rangers fight of 1979, these are some of the dirtiest moments in professional sports history. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most infamous fights in sports history.

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00:30 #10: Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings - March 26th, 1997
01:23 #9: Athletic Bilbao vs. FC Barcelona - May 5th, 1984
02:07 #8: Georgetown Hoyas vs. Bayi Rockets - August 18th, 2011
03:04 #7: New York Knicks vs. Denver Nuggets - December 16th, 2006
03:56 #6: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees - October 11th, 2003
05:02 #5: Texas Rangers vs. Chicago White Sox - August 4th, 1993
05:44 #4: Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers - December 23rd, 1979
06:31 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  • Pascal Motard - Channel Youtube
    Pascal Motard - 7 hours ago

    what about the Good friday brawl between Montreal Canadiens and Quebec Nordiques??

  • Montana Kingsbury - Channel Youtube
    Montana Kingsbury - 13 hours ago

    Couldve been an entire list of hockey fights over most of these. The malice at the palace and FIU vs Miami are the only decent brawls besides the hockey ones.

  • Ronald Hanlon - Channel Youtube
    Ronald Hanlon - 18 hours ago

    Why did Anthony run away

  • Ronald Hanlon - Channel Youtube
    Ronald Hanlon - 18 hours ago

    Soccer fights are complete waste of time

  • HCPentz - Channel Youtube
    HCPentz - 3 days ago

    Flyers Penguins?

  • luke silvay - Channel Youtube
    luke silvay - 3 days ago


  • Mikey O'Connell - Channel Youtube
    Mikey O'Connell - 5 days ago

    The fact that there were fights with honorable mentions is hysterical.

  • Mikey Gray - Channel Youtube
    Mikey Gray - 1 week ago

    Martinez is God for throwing that stupid old fart on the floor.

  • Graham Simon - Channel Youtube
    Graham Simon - 1 week ago

    fairies the lot not one rugby match ,ASSIE rules, or G.A.A football or hurling hav a look if im not wrong

  • Kelly Readman - Channel Youtube
    Kelly Readman - 1 week ago

    #1 should be # 600. Basketball is not a sport.

  • Camaro Burrito - Channel Youtube
    Camaro Burrito - 2 weeks ago

    They should update and put New York Yankees and Red Sox 2018

  • Camaro Burrito - Channel Youtube
    Camaro Burrito - 2 weeks ago

    I feel like even though fighting is not allowed in baseball, when it’s a big fight it’s a massive fight

  • Jessalyn  Vega - Channel Youtube
    Jessalyn Vega - 2 weeks ago

    Nolan Ryan is GOAT🙌🐐

  • Josie Lindström - Channel Youtube
    Josie Lindström - 2 weeks ago

    Wait, what? How did this milestone moment not make your list? Geez, you guys suck....

  • steve b - Channel Youtube
    steve b - 2 weeks ago

    Miami: ALWAYS the GOONS!!!!

  • steve b - Channel Youtube
    steve b - 2 weeks ago

    Getting hit IN THE ASS. is NOT beaning!!!!!!!

  • Renee Slack - Channel Youtube
    Renee Slack - 3 weeks ago

    Of course Detroit is number 1.

  • Gabriel Farrand - Channel Youtube
    Gabriel Farrand - 3 weeks ago

    Too american

  • d2post1 - Channel Youtube
    d2post1 - 4 weeks ago

    wow, a pier 6 brawl

  • Kevin Valudes - Channel Youtube
    Kevin Valudes - 4 weeks ago

    geez, soccer players are such pussies. they even fight like lil bitches

  • Wade Cortez - Channel Youtube
    Wade Cortez - 4 weeks ago

    I have discovered a point that resembles an encyclopedia of sports. It includes all the details related to all the types of sports. Go to Google and type: "PlayGuide4U" to find out the magic.

  • Steve Koenig - Channel Youtube
    Steve Koenig - 1 month ago

    Robin Ventura went through an identity crisis--he thought he was Jesse "The Body" Ventura!

  • Whsraider29 Yt - Channel Youtube
    Whsraider29 Yt - 1 month ago

    Where’s varitek vs arod brawl? Much bigger than the Red Sox vs Yankees one on the list

  • Adam Welch - Channel Youtube
    Adam Welch - 1 month ago

    Terrible video. Shut up and show unedited footage.

  • Christian Random - Channel Youtube
    Christian Random - 1 month ago

    The Yankees and Red Sox are the biggest rivalry in sports

  • M A Spencer - Channel Youtube
    M A Spencer - 1 month ago

    What about BYU vs. Memphis?

  • Tim Page - Channel Youtube
    Tim Page - 1 month ago

    Okay, as stupid at that Yankees Red Socks fight was. That coach charged it wasn't like he punched a 70 years old man out of the blue. He was going for it.

  • PK_ _Reeljoy - Channel Youtube
    PK_ _Reeljoy - 1 month ago


  • PK_ _Reeljoy - Channel Youtube
    PK_ _Reeljoy - 1 month ago